What is ABLE™?

ABLE™ is a hardware/software product that provides both the bindery and the library with a means of communicating binding/rebinding information more quickly and accurately.

ABLE™/Library is a Binding Preparation System used by the library and ABLE™/Bindery is a Binding Automation System used by the bindery. The systems may be utilized independently or as a closely associated pair of systems. Independent operation means that the library need not be associated with a bindery using ABLE™/Bindery and that the bindery with ABLE™/Bindery need not be associated with a library using ABLE™/Library.

Application Functions: Title storage, recall and reporting by key. Keys include: Text (alphabetical) Numeric, Call number, ISSN/ISBN and Private I.D. (a field that can be sued to cross reference a library's on-line system.) Group or "fuzzy" searches are also possible, e.g. all titles beginning with the letters "AM." Adding, changing or deleting titles from the data base.

ABLE™ eliminates costly:
• Filing and storage of preprinted binding slips
• Search for misfiled binding slips
• Error-prone manual entry of variable information
• Downtime and unreliable modem links to a binder's computer

ABLE™ provides dramatic reductions in the time for training, supervising and processing of binding preparation


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