A periodical consists of one or more serial issues that are bound together into a single unit. For example, National Geographic Magazine, a monthly publication, would have six issues bound together with the title, volume, year and call number stamped on the spine. Depending on the weight and size of the volume, each should not be thicker than 2" (51mm), in accordance with ANS/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000. For all projects, we retain computerized documentation of the cover layout, stamping layout, cover colour, foil colour and any collation instructions.

When the issues come in a signature form (e.g. Time Magazine), our choice of leaf attachment is

1st - sew through the fold, if possible.

2nd - Mekanotch double fan

3rd - Double fan

4th - Oversew for very glossy and heavy books where glueing would not suffice

All books are then rounded and backed where possible..

The pages of the book are notched, then a PVA adhesive is applied to prevent brittleness and provide maximum flexibility of the book spine. Periodicals that are printed on glossy paper or are too heavy for Mekanotching will be Oversewn, a process whereby the pages of the book are punched and sewn together. In all cases, the spines of the books are round and backed.


As with other periodicals, size, style and stock will determine the binding method applied. Our service includes the collating of contents in an order determined primarily by the placement of advertisements in the original publications – ads throughout, ads front and back, or binding as is.


As with other medical journals, size, style and stock will determine the binding method applied and again, our service includes the collating of contents. Depending on customer preference, law journals may have decorative leather labels on the spine.

Closing Documents

Copies of legal closing documents can be bound in either letter or legal format, with titles stamped on both the front and the spine.


All sizes of newspapers can be bound to maintain a neat and manageable archive. In most cases, the preferred method is sew-thru-the-fold (National Sew), similar to periodical binding but on a larger scale.


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